Other Ten Percent 11/25/10

Nov 25 2010

Welcome to thanksgiving everybody! On this day in history things happened and now we have turkey. Hooray! There may or may not be a Friday OTP this week, it’s not that I’ll be super busy it’s just that I’m not sure if the internet will generate enough content. We shall see.

*Robots* *History*
50 Year Old Remote Controlled Robot Made From Scrap Parts Makes a Dramatic, Beautiful Comeback
Did you know that radio control is actually fairly old? Guess who invented it. If you guessed Tesla then you are not only right but you also know the first rule of science quizzes. ALWAYS GUESS TESLA.

*Interior Design* *Optics*
Glass Lens Doorknob Gives Preview of the Room Beyond
New eccentric millionaire dream item since one of my eccentricities would obviously be that I think everyone is trying to kill me.

*Comedy* *Insects*
In Case You Missed it of the Day
I usually skip one joke videos but the one joke is pretty good.

*Non-Profits* *Monsters*
A Shop for Monsters and a Brand New Writing Centre
Clearly this new 826 shop in London opened not a moment too soon. I mean they can’t even spell center right over there.

*Retro-Futurism* *Transit*
Past Trains of the Future
Yes it’s predictable that I would love this but shut up because it’s still awesome.

*Bears* *Also Bears*
Grizzly Bear Vs. Polar Bear – Who Will Win
Finally, the question I have been asking MY WHOLE LIFE is answered.

*Videos* *The Sun*
Early Bird Special of the Day
Here is the video of the sun melting steel that you requested.

*Design* *Power*
R2B2 by Christoph Thetard
Petal powered kitchen appliances. [via Cribcandy]

*Architecture* *Navigation*
Designing Buildings That you Don’t Get Lost in (and Why Architects Don’t Do This)
Unsurprisingly the second part is much more interesting than the first.

Webcomics Roundup
Thank you for reading this Nedroid Thanksgiving comic.

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