Other Ten Percent 11/24/10

Nov 24 2010

So close to Thanksgiving you guys. Just one more day at work. WOOOOOOOO.

*Toys* *Cars*
Upgraded Childhood of the Day
I love that this is supposed to have some functional purpose. Nice try guys but I think we all know it’s just awesome for awesome’s sake.

*Comedy* *Photoshop*
True American Dog
Comedy can basically pack it in, nothing will ever be funnier than this website.

*Science* *History*
Early Universe was a Liquid
In other news, science is still awesome and the universe is still blowing your mind.

*Words* *History*
Etymology of “OK”
Like all good word origins it involves making fun of people.

*Math* *Brains*
Free Downloadable Mentat Training Calender for 2011
Finally you can keep that new years resolution about getting really good at doing math in your head.

*Education* *Entertainment*
Immersive Theater & Storytelling
“we are developing a show entitled Professor Scopps’ Travelling Library, where the children are asked to help the Professor and his assistants to fill the library with facts, thoughts, feelings and ideas.” [via WarrenEllis]

*Music* *Pirates*
Hand-Crafted Pirate Guitar Comes with Built-In Rum Flask
Because of course it does. OF COURSE IT DOES.

*Gifts* *Personalization*
Personalized Rubber Stamps
May need to get one of these for somebody this christmas.

*Comics* *Art*
Moebius Art on Tumblr
Here is some pretty art.

Webcomics Roundup
Cyanide and Happyness has found the loophole we’ve all been looking for.

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