Other Ten Percent 11/22/10

Nov 22 2010

It’s the weekend you guys! But I still have tons of stuff to do so I’m knocking this out quick and fairly early. Let’s get to the links.

*Animated GIFs* *Japan*
Animated Avatars
Here is a collection of tiny black and white animated gifs from Japan. Feel free to use them for every avatar you’ll ever have online ever again. For the record I think my favorite one is number 570.

*Augmented Reality* *Puppetry*
This. Changes. Everything. of the Day.
Oh my God it is going to be so awesome to be a child in the AR future I can’t even tell you.

*Fashion* *Cultural Reappropriation*
Russian Criminal Tattoos as Fashion Designs
Russia is the new Japan people. I keep telling you.

*Movies* *Science Fiction*
Duncan Jones’s SOURCE CODE Drops a Trailer
It says a lot about Duncan Jones that I’m excited for a movie that’s pretty much Quantum Leap with Jake Gyllenhaal.

*Comedy* *Justice*
Judge John Hodgman
I’m kind of pissed he wasted his TV show shot on the talk show format because this is clearly the direction he should have gone in. Go. Listen.

*Art* *Comics*
David Lynch’s Spiderman
Warren Ellis is a mad genius and an evil evil man and this week’s way he proved it was by having people come up with the poster for a David Lynch directed Spider-man Film.

*Animals* *Clothing*
A Squirrel’s Guide to Fashion
This exists so life is once again good.

*Food* *History*
The Weird Evolutionary Story of Cranberries
I sorta have nothing snarky to add about this. Just read it, it’s awesome.

*Codes* *Art*
“Kryptos” Sculptor Teases Clues to C.I.A. Cryptosculpture
This is still one of my few favorite things about the military industrial complex.

Webcomics Roundup
Wonderella has some pretty serious Harry Potter spoilers.

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