Other Ten Percent 11/19/10

Nov 19 2010

Another week complete, or almost anyway. Let’s actually complete it.

*History* *What the Hell*
Organs of Nuclear Workers Secretly Harvested for 40 Years Report Finds
I’d say that people are terrible but I sorta can’t wrap my head around how weird this is for long enough to get to that yet.

*Measurement* *Robots*
Meter Crawler, a Robot Made From a Tape Measurer
Man these guys would be great in a robot uprising parody movie.

*Rights* *Flights*
Tweet of the Day
As she does write copy for them Jane should take personal responsibility for this.

*Art* *Alice in Wonderland*
The Psychedelic Steampunk Adventures of Alice
Well this is like a drug trip condensed into five illustrations. Which beats the previous record for most economic translation of a drug trip established, ironically, by Alice in Wonderland.

*Design* *Driving*
Life Altering Traffic Light Design Concept of the Day
It’s been a while since I’ve seen a design that’s never going to happen that made me this ANGRY that it wasn’t going to happen.

*Art* *Insects*
Interview with a Bug Artist
This is just weird on a lot of levels.

*Music* *Videos*
Arcade Fire Music Video of the Day
Nobody does quietly, subtly disturbing quite like Spike Jonze.

*History* *Zombies*
A History of Zombies in America
I’d say this is so thorough I’m surprised I didn’t write it but it’s actually so thorough that it’s OBVIOUS I didn’t write it. I don’t have the kind of eye for detail this piece does.

*History* *Photography*
A Photographic History of Bromance
Yet another thing Deadwood actually got right historically.

Webcomics Roundup
Hyperbole and a Half covers the joys of moving with dogs.

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