Other Ten Percent 11/18/10

Nov 18 2010

Some days I sorta wish I could just sort of procedurally generate random OTP text. Like I have all the links here, and I have all the webtools to make a post, why can’t the internet just write it for me too? I am tired and lazy and entitled and frankly that has not gotten me as far in life as I was hoping. Speaking of…

*White Dudes* *The Internet*
Privilege Denying Dude
Oh hello there new favorite internet meme.

*Mad Architecture* * Environmentalism*
Tower Will Feature “Floating Observatories” Held up by Helium Balloons and an Electro-Magnetic Field
At some point a design has so much of a “never gunna happen” factor that it actually wraps back around to be super awesome.

*Pictures* *Math*
Mechanical Calculating Device
I want one.

*Flying* *DIY Tech*
DIY Flight Simulator Motion Rig
Okay I’m not usually one to throw “never getting laid again” stones here in my glass nerd house. But seriously dude, you’re putting your DIY Flight Simulator out in the driveway for all the neighbors to see?

*Music* *References*
All Day Samples
Remember when I linked to that guy who had an annotated live streaming version of Feed the Animals? Well he did it with the new Girl Talk album too.

*Drugs* *History*
Ancient Temples Designed for Tripping
And I think I just found the name for my techno album.

*Food* *Mobile Apps*
Fooducate iPhone App
I want it…oh, it’s free so I can just straight up get it right now.

*Movies* *Photography*
Kickass Cosplay of the Day
So I finally watched Iron Man 2 today when it came from Netflix and I have to say…this link is more entertaining.

*Science Fiction* *Westerns*
Watch the First Cowboys and Aliens Trailer
Like 45 trailers came out this week like Green Lantern (yawn) and the new sexy Little Red Riding Hood with a sexy little red riding hood and a sexy wolf being sexy in a sexy village and even Amanda Seyfried couldn’t keep me awake through a trailer trying that hard to show me how much of a sexy supernatural romance it was. Anyway, this was the only one that didn’t disappoint me.

Webcomics Roundup
Kate Beaton met a girl at the bus stop.

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