Other Ten Percent 11/17/10

Nov 17 2010

I have less free time today than I was kinda hoping to have. Apparently√ā¬†going to a job for eight hours really takes a few hours out of your day. Weird.

*History* *Murder*
Digging up the Body of Tycho Brahe (Again)
He had a moose he would lend people for parties? At this point I kinda assume that Brahe did stuff just to fuck with historians.

*Travel* *Terror*
The Israelification of Airports
Want to see what non-retarded airport security looks like?

*Architecture* *Ground*
A Visitor’s Center for the Center of the Earth
Brilliant. I’m angry I didn’t think of it first.

*Academia* *Lies*
How to Cheat Your Way Through College
Man this is some of the most accurate cynicism I think I’ve ever seen.

*Construction* *Biology*
The Bacteria that Make You Grow Concrete in Your Mouth
I love this despite the kind of baseless nightmare scenario.

*Photography* *England*
80 Gigapixel London Panorama

*Design* *Computers*
Fancy Custom Dock Icons
God, if I had just a little more free time I’d totally set these up.

*Games* *Driving*
Fun Theory Award Winner Rewards Safe Drivers With Lottery Tickets
Awww how cute, they think the function of speed limits is to get drivers to go under the speed limit. Still though, I do enjoy the gamification (which is a word I just made up to avoid the connotations of gaming in this context) of any aspect of life.

*Transport* *People*
The Subway Announcement Lady
Awww, she seems nice.

*Architecture* *Media*
Urban Igloo of the Day
As social commentary about energy consumption goes it’s pretty stupid. But it sure looks cool.

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