Other Ten Percent 11/3/10

Nov 03 2010

Okay so I have apparently started grinding my teeth when I sleep which is giving my tremendous pain in my jaw when I wake up. Hooray.

*History* *Lies*
The Berners Street Hoax
This is awesome. History is awesome.

*Fashion* *Facts*
Tweed 101
Ordinarily I shut the hell up about what I find on fashion blogs because who cares how I want to dress. But this falls enough into the fun fact catagory I thought I’d include it.

*Video* *How-To*
The Gentleman’s Guide to Villainy
An informative guide I think we could all use.

*Interior Design* *Organization*
Alphabetic Bookshelf
If I had about half the books I currently have I would totally get this.

*Cartography* *Comics*
A Map of Jack Kirby’s Sentient Dolphin Utopia
It says a lot about how weird Jack Kirby was that Stan Lee became the sensible, public-facing part of that duo.

*Music* *Streaming*
First Listen: Cee-Lo Green, ‘The Lady Killer”
I am not really in the right mental head space to give this album a try right now but I’m hoping it’ll be really good. Or at least better than the last Gnarles Barkley.

*Art* *Underground*
The Underbelly Project — A Secret Art Gallery Beneath the Streets
Well this is almost too brilliant.

*Lighting* *Violence*
Lamp Design Concept of the Day
Oh my God I want every light in my apartment to work like this.

*Design* *Failure*
Design Nonfiction: Why Great Ideas Can Fail
As it usually is when I link to Beyond the Beyond the Bruce Sterling commentary on the link is kinda more interesting than the link itself. But they’re both good.

*Video Games* *Holidays*
Game Controller Ornaments
Merry Christmas Chris.

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