Other Ten Percent 11/1/10

Nov 01 2010

Oh God it’s November. Time is terrible. Let’s do links.

*Secrets* *Architecture*
Dead Drops Preview
I think what makes the internet’s Bre Pettis feel like a celebrity whenever I see him isn’t his vague degree of internet fame so much as that he’s an actively weird dude in the way I sort of expect celebrities to be in the future. Not so much attracting attention like Paris Hilton but, as he is here for instance, showing up as a sort of fictionalized hacktivist spy figure in some sort of theoretical art project/game/DIY tech project. You don’t want to watch him, you much more directly want to know what he’s doing to see if it’s what you should be doing. Much less of a waste of time than traditional celebrity.

*Japan* *Terror*
Gothic Horror Illustrations by Tatsuya Morino
I know I’ve posted something like this before but honestly every one of these images is worth your time.

*Architecture* *History*
Artificial Mound Protected Britain for Thousands of Years
Man, there’s England in a nutshell for you. Not much to look at but it has a long and mystical history until it got retrofit to beat the shit out of every other country in europe over the last millenia and then slowly faded off into obsolescence and a strange sort of ahistorical elegance.

*DIY Tech* *History*
Automatyperwriter: Arduino-Controlled Typewriter is Both Input and Output Device
I can think of a lot of really interesting and terrifying uses for a typewriter that types its own text.

*Mass Hysteria* *Literature*
Outbreak! The Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Social Behavior
I know I should just link straight to the book but Sterling’s commentary here is half the fun. The idea of flash mobs and mass hysteria slowly overlapping is worth the extra click.

*Psycho-Geography* *Infographics*
Paris Vs. New York
New York wins! …What do you mean that wasn’t the point?

*Movies* *Photos*
First Look at Amanda Seyfried’s Dystopian Class War Film
There is no concept in that title I don’t like.

*Cartography* *Scale*
Buy a Map
Who wants to go in on this with me?

*Cartoons* *Interior Design*
Magnificent Murals of the Day
Best. Kids room. Ever.

Webcomics Roundup
Happy late Halloween. Read a comic (all 8 pages of it).

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