Other Ten Percent 10/28/10

Oct 28 2010

After tomorrow (being today for you guys reading this IN THE FUTURE) my schedule should be slightly less painful for a few weeks. Also, God help me I really like this new Crystal Castles track with Robert Smith which is bizarre because I don’t actually like EITHER OF THEM in basically anything else. Also, I’m OVERUSING putting things in ALL CAPS today. SORRY.

*Steampunk* *History*
The Hard Edge of Empire
I made basically this exact point to Liz driving back from that Steampunk convention I covered for io9. The realization that tons of Steampunk fans are kind of fetishizing colonialism because of how much simpler and more fun those times would have been, you know, FOR THEM. Really killed Steampunk for me outside of the aesthetic, and even then it sorta has to be totally divorced from any ACTUAL history.

*New York* *Graffiti*
Graffiti of New York’s Past, Revived and Remade
I think this kinda means that Graffiti artists officially win.

*Interior Design* *Books*
Badass Bookcase of the Day
I see absolutely no chance that me having this bookcase would end well but I still want one.

*Hacking* *The Internet*
Liar, Liar, Sheep on Fire
I was really worried I was going to have to cut this interesting and kinda scary article about hacking because Boingboing got hacked.

*The Seas* *Krakens*
Kraken of the Sea and of our Trembling Fear
I don’t really know why my fear of Krakens requires any explanation. THEY ARE FREAKING TERRIFYING. But here one is anyway.

*Style* *Popular Music*
Style Guide of the Day
Now you can have whole outfits to go with that glasses poster I put on OTP a while back.

*Science Fiction* *Halloween*
20 Last Minute Science Fiction Halloween Costumes
I’ve seriously had like 5 different people ask me for halloween outfit ideas this week. Here are some for the nerdier among you.

*Architecture* *Creepyness*
Trap Rooms Redux
BLDGBlog brings you the idea of architectural paranoia just in time for Halloween.

*Money* *Infographics*
What Mark Zuckerberg Could Buy with His $6.9 Billion
I will post any infographic that uses the phrase “let’s get baller.”

Webcomics Roundup
Dinosaur Comics is killing it lately but honestly you should just be following Dinosaur Comics on your own at this point. Instead lets talk Penny Arcade and how they’re once again posting the first page of awesome comic ideas and letting you vote on which one you like. Here’s the first option.

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