Other Ten Percent 10/27/10

Oct 27 2010

Ever have one of those weeks where you feel like you need to more carefully plan your free time so you’re not wasting it as much?

*Luggage* *Design*
Naoki Kawamoto: Orishiki Suitcase
I kinda already love derezzed real world objects but they’re even better when they have some sort of loose functional reason for that look.

*History* *Urban Planning*
1916 Plan for NYC Proposed Fusing Brooklyn and Manhattan, Building New Islands
Man, what do you suppose the alternate universe where they actually did this is like?

*DIY Tech* *Robots*
Giant Robot Design Competition
Ugh I told mom not to throw away all those giant robot plans I drew when I was six but she wouldn’t believe me that they’d come in handy someday.

*Music* *Movies*
Daft Punk’s Music Video Packs Plenty of Awesome New Tron Legacy Footage
Am I the only person that wishes that this damn movie would stop getting in the way of my new Daft Punk album?

*Design* *Typography*
Barbra Kruger in Taking Place at the Temporary Stedelijk
I want all walls to look like this. [via cribcandy]

*Music* *Cee-Lo*
Cee Lo Green – “Bright Lights, Bigger City”
Not as good as F**k You but still worth listening to.

*Digital Art* *Makeup*
Showtime: Janet Zweig, Lipstick Enigma
I’ve featured a lot of weird art projects on here but I think this may be my absolute favorite. Just to give you an idea: “The sculpture is made of 1200 resin lipsticks powered by 1200 stepper motors, contolled by 60 circuit boards.”

*Surveillance* *Video*
How to Defeat Big Brother
The best Ignite talk I’ve seen this year.

*Arts* *Crafts*
Nifty Necklace of the Day
This is kinda fantastic on a lot of levels.

Webcomics Roundup
“If I know Dracula, he loves SLUTS.”

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