Other Ten Percent 10/26/10

Oct 26 2010

Today was a pretty efficient day but it ain’t done yet so let’s keep rolling with the efficiency. Sorry for the short intro but I kinda blew all my good topics yesterday. I interviewed a dude today for PC World. Is that interesting to anyone who isn’t my parents? you should see it later in the week if it is.

*Japan* *Death*
Japan’s “Suicide Forest”
I know it’s from Vice and everything but it’s also about Japan and super fascinating and you should watch it. Also this place is apparently at the foot of Mt. Fuji which adds a disturbing new dimension to all my old Mt. Fuji Fun Hour stuff.

*Fashion* *Comedy*
All Dudes Learned how to Dress and it Sucks
I hope this is not one of those things that only I find funny but I found it pretty freaking hilarious for several reasons. So hilarious that I think I’m adding this new Hairpin blog to my RSS reader. It will go in my feminist blog folder right before Jezebel and right after…okay there would only be two things in my feminist blog folder since I just follow Feminist Hulk on twitter.

*Stealing* *How-Tos*
Learn to Pick Locks for Fun and an Increased Understanding of Security
It is Evil week at Lifehacker and that means Lifehacking and life in general just got 300% more fun.

*Comics* *Topography*
Awesome Maps of the Marvel Universe’s Mythological Lands
These are mostly out of date as of Matt Fraction’s new run on Thor but they’re still okay. -Pushes glasses up on nose- -Never dates again-

*Websites* *Problems*
I can’t Find my Phone
This is my #1 use for Google Voice I’m not even going to lie.

*History* *Science Fiction*
Brilliant Sci-Fi Books that Got Away
Name drop any of these to instantly shut down basically any geek that isn’t me.

*Photography* *Weird History*
Photos: Hex Hitler Party, 1942
I think it may just be the recent trend toward getting your band name by just writing down the nonsense ramblings of a stroke victim (a selection of band names on the front page on Pitchfork: Perfume Genius, Porcelain Raft, Gauntlet Hair) but “Hex Hitler Party” is really working pretty well as a band name in my head.

*Television* *Japan*
“Shibuhara Girls” Reality TV Show on MTV
Okay I will watch the hell out of this until it gets like a 0.0 share in the ratings and gets replaced by “So You Wanna Be a Jersey Shore Gal of Love” or whatever the hell they come up with to make me never want to watch TV again next.

*Interior Design* *Genius*
Top 10: Whiteboards, Blackboards, and Brainstorming Tools
Just once in my life I want to have an idea good enough to justify me writing all over my walls…that is only distantly related to this link.

Webcomics Roundup
T-Rex has found the perfect thing to say on the 10 year anniversary of being friends with anyone.

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