Other Ten Percent 10/25/10

Oct 25 2010

Man, the rain out here kinda put me out of commission for most of  the weekend along with a really surprisingly deep collaborative fiction project that I will not subject you guys to since it’s pretty memetically addictive and also pretty creepy. Also I did not put the crazy 35 minute Kanye video in here since I figured those of you who care will have already watched it. The whole thing never really comes together for me even though Kanye’s clearly trying to pull a Gaga pretty hard whenever there isn’t music thought it instantly becomes so embarrassing that I want to believe that it’s intentional. It totally isn’t though, attempting to channel Gaga logic is just slightly too much for Kanye and I think continued exposure will most likely wither his body and his reason. You know…more.

*History* * Electronics*
Vintage Transistor Radio Packaging
Man, how come I can’t get electronics implanted in cool looking glasses now? It’s the future compared to this and most glasses tech SUCKS.

*Video* *Art*
Showtime: Flux by Cnadas Sisman
Am I the only person who actually gets creeped out by this a minute or two in?

*Technology* *Video*
Building a Telegraph out of Stone Age Materials
Now you know what to do when you are thrown back to the distant past.

*Space* *Infographics*
The Biggest Asteroids to Pass by Earth Presented as an Infographic
I like the dissonance between the cute cartoony art style and the fact that these are all the times the earth was almost destroyed. HOORAY!

*Interior Design* *Lighting*
Neon Lit Furniture
I want to own all of these and then have a blade runner party.

*History* *Subways*
NY Subway Historical Photos
I can no longer tell if a photographic history of the NY subways system actually IS something I’ve already posted or if it just feels like it ought to be something I’ve already posted.

*Crafts* *Anatomy*
Knitted Skeleton
I can’t decide if this is the core of the creepiest or the least creepy horror short story ever.

*Comedy* *Video*
In Case you Missed it of the Day
The longer the joke goes on the funnier it gets.

*Social Class* *Africa*
The Middle Class in Africa
Well okay this is kinda weirdly futuristic.

Webcomics Roundup
I think the most surprising thing about the dramatic conclusion to Nedroid’s Robotginald story line is that it actually concludes.

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