Other Ten Percent 10/22/10

Oct 22 2010

Phew. Dreamhost has been down for the last few hours and I was really worried that it was going to stay down till midnight and OTP’s streak was going to be broken. Disaster averted people. let’s look at some links.

*The Internet* *DIY Tech*
Google Reader Pedal: Hacking a USB Keyboard
Man, at the rate things are piling up in my Google Reader I really need one of these.

*Technology* *Audio*
iPhone Accessory of the Day
I will take three.

*Movies* *Graphic Design*
Classic Hammer Films Poster Art Will Rock You Into the Year One Million
I love that only half of these titles make any sense whatsoever.

*Art* *Just Art*
Evgenij Soloviev
Really need to come up with a second tag for these super cool art posts from Cgunit.

*The Internet* *Raising Children*
Google Patent Search as Coloring Book Generator
Give your kids something great to color and an interesting story to tell their therapists at the same time.

*Advertising* *Medicine*
Badass Business Card of the Day
This is the most disturbing I have found a business card since American Psycho.

*Literature* *Marginalia*
David Foster Wallace’s Margin Notes on Stephen King’s Carrie and CS Lewis’ First Narnia Book
This is pretty much the definition of cool cool depressing cool.

*Physics* *Astronomy*
Finding the Resolution of the Universe
Man, remember when the weirdest thing about the universe was quantum uncertainty? Now we’re all 12th dimensional holograms who only experience time as a byproduct of entropy. Who the hell gave the physicists all Grant Morrison’s drugs?

*Music* *Video*
Oh my God Korea has discovered Lady Gaga and it is tripping all of the balls as a result. This is seriously like if you put Lady Gaga’s entire into Google Translate and translated it into korean and then back into english.

Webcomics Roundup
If you have not been following the continuing saga of robo-Reginald you are now.

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