Other Ten Percent 10/21/10

Oct 21 2010

I always expect wednesdays to be my FUN days now because I’m done at 3:30 but instead it just feels like my useless day because I’m not really doing anything that I value on wednesdays lately. LOUD SIGHING. Anyway, links time is now.

*History* *Real Estate*
Chelsea Hotel for Sale: A New York Landmark up for Grabs
I’m trying to make a Sid and Nancy joke relating real estate prices in New York but it’s just not coming. Somebody else formulate it to prove how funny it could be. CROWDSOURCING

*History* *Astronomy*
Oldest Object in Universe Found
Yo Mama so old her discovery forced astronomers to adjust their timeline for how quickly massive bodies could form after the big bang.

*Posters* *Music*
Print Series of the Day
Concert posters for fictional bands. You’re welcome.

*Medicine* *Nanotech*
Embed Tiny Solar Energy Cells in your Body to Fight Cancer
God this is like 5 different sci-fi original movies waiting to happen.

*Large Things* *Balloons*
Giant Balloon Animals
Balloon is one of those words I would constantly be sure I was spelling wrong without spell check.

*History* *Geeks*
Infographic of the Day
I am disturbed that the end result of this evolution seems to be the Glee Geek since I have moved on from really wanting to watch Glee anymore. I want this info-graphic to include me so much. I want to feel like I belong.

*History* *Architecture*
Original Bucky Fuller Geodesic Dome Home Sales Model Ca. 1960
I will take 12.

*Video Games* *Videos*
Minecraft Music Videos
I have no time to actually play minecraft so I just live vicariously through youtubes.

*History* *New York*
Halloween in NY: The Haunting of 136 Clinton Avenue (From the NY Times!)
I really need to troll the NYT archives for stuff. This is the second hilariously great thing I’ve heard about today in their archives.

Webcomics Roundup
Dresden Codak presents the official t-shirt of the only law firm that always (eventually) gets the job done.

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