Other Ten Percent 10/20/10

Oct 20 2010

The month and the year add up to the day. Math!

*Photography* *Urban Decay*
Abandoned Bowling Alleys
Welcome to Robert Putnam’s worst nightmare.

*History* *Geography*
Ancient Turtle Bones Reveal that Antarctica was Once a Rain Forest
The world is WEIRD. Like, I can’t decide if the giant turtle bones or the antarctic rain forest is the weirder part of this.

*Pictures* *Museums*
Slideshow of Antique Natural History Museum Dioramas
Sometimes I think this whole Other Ten Percent project is maybe just a desperate attempt to validate my interests. Make it okay that I am the kind of person that is really excited by slideshows of antique natural history museum dioramas you guys.

*Video* *Destruction*
Bridge Demolition
And the video is tilt-shifted. Double bonus.

*Architecture* *Photography*
Evelyn Grace Academy by Zaha Hadid Architects
I once read a really cool profile of Zaha Hadid. Actually I think that kinda kick-started this recent interest in architecture. I’m trying to dig it up but I can’t remember anything specific that would identify the article and not her. It was in a magazine I think? One of the ones on paper. And I think it was “about” her opening a new museum in…I want to say greece. It’s weird what details do and don’t strike your memory as pertinent. Ah well, I’m sure I’ll find it eventually. Most of the articles you find just googling her are pretty good too.

*Film* *Medical Oddities*
Brothers Quay Documentary about the Mutter Museum
Man this is going to be the creepiest non-David-Lynch project on earth.

*Architecture* *Being Rich*
Billion Dollar House
That is for one family. One. Family.

*Movies* *Legos*
Classic Castle Dracula Lego Vignette
Once again the photographer for these is a genius.

*Eyewear* *Graphic Design*
Print Series of the Day – “Framework”

*Religion* *Politics*
Tea Party Jesus
Here’s a little tumblr that helped me out…when I had troubles.

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