Other Ten Percent 10/19/10

Oct 19 2010

Hey you know what I love about the MUNI? That science tells me it’ll one day be swallowed up by the sun and incinerated. I was late for basically everything I did all day because I spent 3 and half hours on the MUNI today for what was supposed to be maybe an hour and a halfs worth of commuting and I had to stand pretty much the entire time. On a totally unrelated note, don’t expect a lot of commentary on the links today.

*History* *Horror*
Halloween in NY: In Search of Ichabod Crane
Is there anything Scouting NY CAN’T do?

*War* *Interior Design*
Furniture Made From Rusted Soviet Naval Mines
When I go Bond villain I’m going to have so many interior design choices it’s going to be kinda overwhelming.

*History* *Letters*
Cal Tech Students are Primitive Little Shits
Man Dorothy Parker basically didn’t like anybody. Which is sad because it makes it ever more obvious that she wouldn’t have liked me either.

*Video* *Animals*
Showtime: Two Artificial Jellyfish Videos of Oct 2010
Generative art is getting really weird.

*Videos* *Mashups*
Mashup of the Day
Remember when I said that video mashups of terrible songs are the new musical mashups? Well it took a while but here’s some more evidence.

*Art* *LA*
TrustoCorp Exhibition in LA, Oct. 23-24, 2010
Well this looks like fun.

*Robots* *Pastries*
Automatic Cake Decorator
Somebody remind me to write this up for PC World tomorrow.

*Mad Men* *Architecture*
Fictional Floor Plan of the Day
The floor plan of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce everybody.

*Astronomy* *Math*
If you Want to Weight a Star You’re going to Need a Moon
Is this like a “if you give a mouse a cookie” thing? No? Okay well it’s still awesome.

*Parenting* *Lies*
Web Series of the Day
Finally my potential parenting style has been committed to video.

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