Other Ten Percent 10/18/10

Oct 18 2010

I am getting ready to watch the Mad Men finale you guys. So…EXCITEMENT. Also let’s do this thing.

*The Internet* *Moving Pictures*
A Comprehensive Glossary of GIFs
his basically serves as a high-speed tutorial for posting on any internet message board.

*DIY Tech* *Light*
This looks cool.

*Death* *Math*
Remembering Benoit Mandelbrot
Mandelbrot died you guys! It is sad. So sad. But instead of just reposting one of the 80 super sad death notices I found here is the story of mathematician/sci-fi author Rudy Rucker’s first meeting with Mandelbrot. Oh, it’s important for you to know before you read this that Rudy Rucker is the crazy person type of mathematician. Hardcore Apophenia and all that.

*Literature* *Art*
Art Project of the Day
Somehow I think I’ll like book 7 of Harry Potter much better in poster form.

*Television* *Interviews*
Matthew Weiner Closes the Book on Season 4 of Mad Men
Matthew Weiner: a smart dude with a funny name.

*Retro-Futurism* *Literature*
Popular Mechanics Releases a Gorgeously Illustrated Guide to Retro-Futurism
And nobody but nobody knows retro-futurism like Popular Mechanics. Nothing like trying to churn out the future for like 80 straight years to get you some really quality retro-futurism.

*Architecture* *Time*
Migration of Mel and Judith
Another of my bizarrely specific fascinations? Attempts to represent 4 dimensional events properly. I think that’s 90% of my Augmented Reality fascination right there. Seeing the architecture take on it is…well it’s especially weird.

*Armageddon* *History*
5 Times we Almost Nuked Ourselves by Accident
I’m really impressed we kept it in the single digits. GO TEAM.

*Theory* *Crime*
UrbEx entanglements with Anja Kanngieser
To paraphrase Bruce Sterling’s take on this (oh this is [via Beyond the Beyond] by the way) this is the most well documented and thoroughly ideologically solid case of breaking and entering I’ve ever seen.

Webcomics Roundup
Kate Beaton once again explores the life of history’s most fascinating and successful figure. Fat pony.

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