Other Ten Percent 4/9/10

Apr 09 2010

Well I just had an expert in the field I’m researching e-mail me back and tell me that the research I’m doing can really only be done in a really time consuming way and that a lot of the numbers being thrown around are probably made up, so I feel less bad about my failure to find definitive numbers in two days. Now I just have writing to feel guilty about. YAY GUILT! ALSO YAY INTERNET!

*Japan* *Monsters*
Kaikaidan Ektoba Monster Scroll
Why does Japan have so many testicle related monsters? Even for Japan that seems bizarre to me.

*Video Games* *Videos*
I am betting that you’ve already seen this linked somewhere yesterday since it was all over the freaking place, but still.

*Graphic Design* *Danger*
I just like all of these basically. I think my favorites are the pair of “don’t drive your tractor over your infant or small child” graphics on the end of the 8th row.

*Food* *Science*
Seven Disruptive Foods Changing the Way We Eat

“Nuke Powered, Nanotechnology Delivered Calories” !!!!!!!!!!!

*Design* *Zepplins*
The Aircruise Concept by Seymour Powell
Ahhh airships that will never be built, I love you all. I think my favorite concept pictures are actually the interiors that they show here. Concept art AND Zepplins, my lucky day.

*History* *The Occult*
Aleister Crowley in Life
Here is a brief Biography: he was crazy-go-nuts.

*Fashion* *New York*
Aliens Have Landed at Bergdorf
I cheered up three separate people today with this photo. One person I just described it to and they were STILL cheered up.

*Animals* *AHHHHHHHHHH!*
Embryonic Bat Skeleton
It is just as creepy as it sounds! Also it would be a really good name for a death metal band. JUST SAYIN

*Maps* *History*
Lost Landscapes of Google Maps
Old-timey photo mashup for Google Maps! Yay!

*Microbes* *Japan*
Japanese People Have Special Seaweed-Digesting Bacteria in their Guts
The Japanese are different, science has proved it.

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