Other Ten Percent 9/30/10

Sep 30 2010

I went to that John Hodgman filming with Jill Hockett yesterday and Spike Jonze was standing like 5 feet from us putting a camera all up in our grill and Sarah Vowell was there and said things about Harry Potter. It would have been perfect had the filming not taken FOUR AND A HALF HOURS for a half hour show. At one point I considered attempting to gnaw my own arm off but I decided one of the PAs would just yell at me. Still though, John Hodgman is funny. Also, I’m sorry that links are SO dated this week. I have to write these for the next day first thing in the morning which means some of these links are close to 48 hours old when you guys see them. We’ll be closer to cutting edge web content next week, I promise.

*Video Games* *Business*
Game Pitches
I only find this fascinating because it seems like the written word would be a terrible medium for describing video games. [via geekdad]

*Wikipedia* *Fake Science*
List of Fictional Super Metals
Rumor round town says this entry is marked for deletion. Catch it while it’s still here.

*Augmented Reality* *Violence*
Augmented Reality: Siberian Tiger Campaign
A great candidate for the first mass-hysteria-causing AR hoax.

*Architecture* *Death*
The Skyscraper Necropolis of Mumbai
I love any story that’s even WEIRDER than I thought it was going to be from the headline. I just assumed this was about the fact that nobody ever actually uses all that real estate in mumbai but no, it’s an actual honest to God skyscraper necropolis.

*Books* *Robots*
Xerox to Sell On-Demand Espresso Book Machines to Retailers who Sell Books to People
You know the publishing industry is in a bad way when book-sellers are willing to try a profit model of “quickly outmode ourselves.”

*Videos* *Robots*
Showtime: A Robot Who is Tired of London is Tired of Life
Is it just me or is London weirdly into these participatory new media art projects? Is it some government initiative “no art you can’t text at by 2020” or something?

*Agit-Prop Art* *Video Games*
Print Set of the Day
The Lightsaber one is obviously the best but you luckily don’t even have to choose.

*Magnets* *Video*
Mike Flynn’s Ferrofluid Magnetoscope
Magnets continue to make me FLIP OUT.

*Infographics* *Video*
Journalism in the Age of Data
Oh man it’s a video ON infographics. Everything I want out of life.

Webcomics Roundup
Kate Beaton explains the pitfalls of Courtly Love.

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