Other Ten Percent 9/29/10

Sep 29 2010

Okay, for the record here is what I’m scheduled to be doing for the rest of this trip at the moment. Today I am going to the John Hodgman taping and then maybe going back to the Hurricane Club because that place was cool. Tomorrow I am mostly free but then going to watch TV with Jill and people in the evening. Thursday is when we go to all the gallery shows I’ve wanted to see and then do art student happy hour. Friday I have the law school forum and then a party in Jersey. Saturday I might go back to the law school forum depending on a few factors and then the Hackers party and then Sunday there is a subculture brunch, HOORAY. Now let’s look at links.

*Watches* *Eye Problems*
Tokyoflash Reaches New Heights of Unreadability with Latest Concept Watch.
Thank you for existing Tokyoflash. Thank you so much.

*Science Fiction* *Letters*
H. G. Wells on American Journalism
So much has changed in the last 100 years. Oh wait no….nothing…nothing has changed.

*Science* *Magnets*
You Can Switch from Right-Handed to Left-Handed Through the Power of Magnets
Magnets weird me out you guys, and that was even before I know they could screw with your brains as easily as they do TV sets.

*Animals* *Video*
Happy Capybaras Cure Monday Blues
I know it is wednesday now but look at those capybaras, just look at them.

*Technology* *History*
Original Models: A Look at Iconic Tech Prototypes
The original Super Soaker kinda looks cooler than the newest ones.

*Infographics* *Germany*
Munich Oktoberfest Statistics in Infographics
I know I’m weird in that I kind of love not being able to translate this it’s just graphic design with a lot of random numbers attached. [via Cribcandy]

*Architecture* *Weather*
Elevated City in Abu Dhabi Will Feel 70 Degrees Cooler Because of Wind Engineering
Crazy architecture drinking game: If it’s in Abu Dhabi, DRINK!

*Architecture* *Pretty*
West 8: Puente Cascara, Madrid
Sometimes it’s enough that it just looks cool. [via Cribcandy]

*Design* *Crafts*
Etching Glass: Make Your own Etched Glasses
A how-to we should all do.

*Robots* *Concept Art*
One or Two Things that a Robot Does During Off-Hours
These all look super cool but #1 is my clear favorite.

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