Other Ten Percent 9/28/10

Sep 28 2010

Oh hey New York, thank you for the torrential downpour, I’d almost forgotten why I didn’t love living here all the time. Whatevs though, we’ll make it work. Just like we will make these links work in a not at all awkward segway. Oh, how did that link get there? Mistakes have been made.

*Monsters* *History*
Godzilla: History, Biology and Behavior of Hyper-Evolved Theropod Kaiju
God, somebody wake me up with academia looks like this all the time.

*Legos* *Movies*
Logan’s Run in Lego
Hooray for ridiculously time consuming lego projects.

*Literature* *Games*
Page 11, Fall in a Pit and Die: Critical Assessments of Choose Your Own Adventure Novels
Thank you io9 for continuing to exist and finding stuff like this all the time.

*Games* *Architecture*
“Strangely entrancing flash file of the day” is what Dailywh.at would call this.

*Design* *Tiny Things*
Stéphanie Kilgast’s Miniatures
So, so tiny.

*Zombies* *TV*
The Walking Dead “Opening Titles”
I finally gave up and watched this after the 18th place linked to it. Surprise surprise, it’s goddamn amazing. It’s only a fan-made opening though so prepare to be disappointed by the actual titles.

*New York* *Plants*
The Queens Cab Stand Jungle
New York is weird and awesome.

*Emotions* *Bicycles*
Love Bike of the Day
Awwww this is the cutest non-animal post I’ve made it months.

*Journalism* *Meta-Journalism*
This is a News Website Article About a Scientific Paper
This is a small blurb about this biting commentary about science journalism.

Webcomics Roundup
XKCD does an infographic comic which I will actually link to instead of some creepy comic about relationships which he’s doing way too much of lately.

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