Other Ten Percent 9/27/10

Sep 27 2010

So I think I’m doing this just because I can’t pass up the opportunity to write this on A FUCKING PLANE. Woooo the future is now. Anyway, now it’s time for the links and such.

*3d Printing* *Tech*
Showtime: Foam Printer
Man, I’ve finally found something so weird it’s actually too weird for me to situate it as a possible future.

*Art* *New York*
Sarah Sze
Lucy put this on Twitter and now I totally want to see it while I’m in town.

*Parenting* *Blogging*
The Reluctant Father
I find this whole quasi-backlash against parenting to be SUPER fascinating.

*News* *Art*
Artists Attacked in Istanbul
Well this is fascinating in a terrible sort of way.

*Magic* *Video*
Card Trick of the Day
This isn’t like groundbreaking magic or anything but it’s pretty damn cool anyway.

*Video* *Ideas*
Where Good Ideas Come From
Oh Steven Johnson, I know that you’re just Malcolm Gladwell for my demographic but I love you anyway and this book seems super interesting. [via pretty much everybody but lets go with BoingBoing]

*DIY Tech* *Japan*
Video Guide to Akihabara
Okay I’d have literally no idea what to do with basically anything from this place but it still seems super awesome.

*War* *Art*
Art of the American Soldier
I go to pretty good lengths to pretend like I hold all esoteric knowledge in the world but I’m going to fess up and say that I had no idea that was such a thing as combat artists. Weird.

*Writing* *DIY Tech*
Makers Recommendations and Giveaway
Okay so Tor comes through on this because this seems like a really comprehensive list in a lot of categories and I do love comprehensive lists.

Webcomics Roundup
T-Rex’s war with Raccoons continues.

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