Other Ten Percent 9/24/10

Sep 24 2010

Okay I can’t even effectively pretend like tonight isn’t a bit last minute. It was a strangely busy day for me and I honestly haven’t had a free half hour to do this until 11pm. Of course it doesn’t help that I had a backlog in the RSS reader that took me two and a half hours to get through. Also, I just want to give fair warning that there may be some interruption of service while I’m in New York. Since I managed to avoid the labor day service interruption I think that’s fair. We’ll see though, I might have the time to get this done even on vacation. But, without further ado let’s begin.

*Dance* *Architecture*
Pas de Deux
Come on, you know no matter what’s behind that link you want to see something that lets me use those tags at the same time.

*History* *Apocalypse*
in 1971 World War III Began During a Partridge Family Song
And really, weren’t we all expecting it to on some level?

*Typography* *Curation*
Museums for Rescued Letters
I want to take a moment to explain a phenomenon that’s slowly developed over my time doing Other Ten Percent and that’s the entry I’m almost angry that I’m making. I’m not angry because the entry is bad or even because it’s boring, but because I feel like I should be able to escape it. It’s been a busy day with a bunch of links and I get to a headline like “Museums for Rescued Letters” and I think “well that’s a bit too cutesy and I’ve done too much typography stuff lately anyway, I’m sure I can skip it.” But then, for whatever reason, I bother to read the whole entry and FUUUUUUUUUCK it’s actually an awesome physical museum that salvages the letters from large business signs and then displays them and how can I possibly pass that up? I can’t. And that makes me angry.

*The Future* *Environmentalism*
Goofy Futurist Lumber-Company Ad from 1979
Oh God, 70s and 80s futurism when you could just show a monorail next to anything and pretend like that was futuristic.

*Animation* *Mail*
Animated Short of the Day
I wonder how many ideas I’m angry I haven’t thought of I’ve posted on Other Ten Percent at this point. Do you think it’s up to 100?

*Film* *Clocks*
A Movie that Tells Time
Someday I want to have an apartment with a wall that’s just a digital projector and to have this movie be the screen saver it defaults to when it’s not in use. [via Letters of Note]

*Science Fiction* *History*
The Chosen Research Areas of Mad Scientists, 1810-2010
It’s a shame that so few mad scientists are really exploring the potential of multidisciplinary mad science. I think it says a lot about the current state of mad academia really.

*Technology* *Fashion*
Fashioning Technology’s World Maker Faire wearable tech roundup
Maybe I will go to the second day of NYC Maker Faire. Most likely I will just be lazy and sleep in because I’ll be tired from my flight.

*Cartography* *New York*
NYC Maps Exhibition
On the other hand I’m TOTALLY going to this while I’m in town. “You Are Here → Mapping the Psychogeography of New York City.” Hell yeah. Who’s down for going to this and then rolling it into an Art Student Happy Hour?

*The Future* *Biology*
Five Biomimetic Ideas to Make the World a Cooler-Looking Place
I love everything about this post but I think what I love the most is that it has no pretensions about actually improving the world, let’s just make it look cooler.

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