Other Ten Percent 9/23/10

Sep 23 2010

Last school day before I go to New York. ADVENTURE AWAITS. Also, links. Links await.

*Science* *Photography*
A Photo Tour of the Large Hadron Collider
Come see the only thing on earth important enough for time travelers to openly try and fuck it up.

*Video Games* *Video*
21 Amazing Minecraft Creations
Minecraft my friends. Sandbox game of the year. This link has a great brief description of it and then some great videos of what you can do with it.

*The Internet* *Movies*
Access Main Computer File
A single serving tumblr of hilariously technically innacurate images of computers from film and TV.

*Television* *History*
20 Years of Experience Dictates the Following
Okay, so I may have an unhealthy interest in Rod Serling. But it’s mostly because so few writers are so obviously media theory geeks.

*Science Fiction* *Design*
Design Fiction: From Props to Prototypes by Julian Bleecker
Did you ever wonder about the guy that created all the Star Trek technical diagrams? That’s cool, me neither and I’m an incredible nerd. But trust me, it’s some fascinating stuff.

*Technology* *Academia*
The Anthropology of Hackers
My new hobby is apparently finding the syllabi for other classes I’d like to be taking. [via BoingBoing]

*Lady Gaga* *Theory*
You Can Put Your Top Back On Now: Rediscovering the Women of Fluxus at MoMA
Here is your weekly theory paper about Lady Gaga from Other Ten Percent. Someday I will explain the lawsuit settlement that led to that being a weekly requirement. For now, let’s move on.

*Movies* *Musicals*
Jurassic Park: The Musical
A brilliant idea whose time has come.

*Design* *Water*
Ripple Effect Tea Table by Jeonghwa Seo & Hanna Chung
Man, it’s like the kitchen table from a Julie Taymor movie. [via Cribcandy]

*Architecture* *Apocalypse*
A Modular, Reconstituted Cardboard House for Post-Apocalyptic Instant Cities
That sound you hear in the distance is Bruce Sterling’s head exploding.

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