Other Ten Percent 9/22/10

Sep 22 2010

Guys. GUYS. Boardwalk Empire. So good you’re not allowed to watch it without me…okay technically you are but if you can avoid it you should because I would watch that pilot like 5 times easily.

*Women’s Rights* *Cartoons*
1938 Rejection Letter from Disney to Female Artist
Did you know that Disney was racist and sexist and kinda terrible? If not, hello and welcome to Other Ten Percent, my name is David Daw and you’ll be learning a lot about Walt Disney as well as architecture and the future over the next few weeks and months that I hope you’ll be staying with us.

*Film* *New York*
1920′s Atlantic City in Greenpoint, Brooklyn
BOARD. WALK. EMPIRE. Their sets are incredible and ScoutingNY knows it, even if they only know it from behind a fence.

*History* *Infographics*
Subway Science Map
You know a post is going to be good when I can’t decide whick of the stereotypical OTP tags I should use for it. This one could potentially also use *Science* and *Subways* tags, so hooray for that. [via BoingBoing]

*Weapons* *DIY Tech*
Impressive and Slightly Scary Coilgun Build
So the MAKE blog post about this raises some interesting questions about the point where DIY tech crosses the line over into actual weapons tech, and I have to admit that the heavy metal background music used in the video gives me more than a little bit of a “nobody likes me at that stupid high-school” vibe, which weirds me out. However, all of that is kinda superseded by the fact that you can actually build a coilgun. Coilguns are things that space ships have to fight other spaceships in Military Sci-Fi novels. That’s like telling me that ray-guns are real and I can build one in shop class.

*Science Fiction* *Music*
Kanye West, Media Cyborg
This may be my favorite bit of media theory I’ve read all year, and a great explanation of what social media should actually look like when we decouple it from the really disturbing market-speak that’s taken it over. It also gets across something I’ve been trying to put into words about what it means to be a pop star right now way better than I ever could. Which is weird because the trick is to make them into science fictional figures and you’d think that would have occurred to me. Also, creative project material all up ins. [via Warren Ellis]

*Art* *Violence*
Art That Can Chase You Down and Murder You
In some sense that’s the only kind of art worth having.

*Movies* *DIY Tech*
Tron Light Show Made With Arduino-Controlled Stepper Motors
I wonder when the spelling of Arduino is going to get out of my extended brain and become something I just know how to spell. Anyway, this thing looks cool.

*Neuroscience* *Time*
How Your Brain Connects the Future to the Past
The pull quote? “In this new view, your brain is a proactive system that integrates past experience to help you navigate the future.”

*Audio* *Weird History*
Memory Palace: Soldier Frum
For those unfamiliar with it, Soldier Frum is related to the phenomenon of Cargo Cults. That’s right, Memory Palace did a Cargo Cult episode. I am loving these guys more and more. [via Boingboing]

Webcomics Roundup
I honestly wasn’t trying to make this Gangster Day, but Kate Beaton was.

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