Other Ten Percent 9/21/10

Sep 21 2010

Wow, totally fucked up clicking the “this e-mail has html” box yesterday for the newsletter. [via] links are hard, like math. Barbie should have taught me that too. Anyway I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it and I feel like it’ll be helpful if I can actually get it working. Let’s try now.

*History* *Infographics*
The First Pie Chart
What, you thought pie charts just appeared fully formed out of the aether? Okay, well I kinda did too until I read this. But they didn’t, so there. [thanks Beller]

*Augmented Reality* *Flight*
Point an iPhone at the Sky, See Augmented Reality Info as Planes Fly
Oh hey, an AR app that’s actually functionally useful. Those only come up once every 3 months or so so I always feel safe posting them.

*Infographics* *Music*
Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names
Man, my Christmas list for people this year has SO many entries. [via daily.what]

*Design* *Floors*
Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Flooring
Perfect for your Deadwood theme party. Or possibly your Boardwalk Empire theme party, haven’t actually watched it yet.

*Architecture* *Design*
Conceptual Extension to Whitney Museum of American Art by Axis Mundi
Why is all great American architecture just concept drawings I know will never get built? When did we get so boring? These are genuine questions and I know there is a book that will answer them for me and I hope that by continually reblogging this stuff I will eventually be lead to that book. [via cribcandy]

*Pornography* *Safe for Work*
Reading Playboy to the Blind
It’s hard to decide sometimes where along the click-through chain I should drop you, but Maggie Koerth-Baker usually has enough added content that I feel pretty safe actually linking to her BoingBoing posts and letting you dig through the links there if you want.

*History* *Fiction*
The Lion-Man
The oldest known imaginary being on earth. It feels super weird to me that the issue of Sandman that immediately springs up from this was never written.

*Underground* *Travel*
Odessa’s Mindbending Catacomb Maps
When is Atlas Obscura going to start just making shit up?

*Video Games* *Art*
This may be history’s greatest idea.

*The Internet* *Music*
OK Go – White Knuckles – Official Video
I’ve stopped watching OK Go videos as virals and started watching them as pure distillations of the zeitgeist of the internet from the view of the general public. We seem to be reaching maximum pet videos.

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