Other Ten Percent 9/20/10

Sep 20 2010

Okay so I’ve gotten two more suggestions since our last post one of which is to sort of liven up the graphics a bit and I’m curious to see if you guys agree with that one. I like the simplicity of this format but I also agree that that doesn’t mean I need to pretend like we invented the internet five minutes ago and I’m terrified of image files. It’ll probably take a while to implement while I come up with a design/way of integrating pictures that I like and can do easily across both formats of OTP so there’s plenty of time to give me feedback either way. The second suggestion was to start doing some [via source] links on posts to cut down on the amount of clicking through you guys have to do and I’m implementing that today. As in right now. Oh wait, as in after this one more thing. Because I am coming to New York THIS SATURDAY NIGHT so start booking some time with me now people and telling me fun things we should do together. I’ve got Tuesday plans with John Hodgman and a party or two but most of my trip is still pretty open.

*Video Games* *New York*
NYU Game Center Lecture Series: Janet Murray
One of several events I am just narrowly missing on this trip to New York. Will this one get Chris to go back to NYU? Tune in next time to find out.

*New York* *Photography*
102 year old lens on a 5DmkII – Images inside!
Okay this is extremely pretty looking. [via Daily.What]

*Pre-History* *Animals*
Where Once the Giant Wombat Roamed, Only Footprints Remain
This may be my new favorite io9 article name.

*Fashion* *Cooking*
Li Xiaofeng
I have heard it suggested that these are actually wearable but I find that idea totally terrifying. As art objects however these are awesome. [via BoingBoing]

*Lighting* *Design*
Should I just start a like “lighting fixture of the week” segment? Is this what my life has become? [via Make]

*Architecture* *Nature*
Henning Larsen Architects: The Wave in Vejle
Half apartment building, half Skateboard park, all architecture. [via Cribcandy]

*Toys* *Design*
Robot-Man is the Helvetica of transformers. In other news, with that sentence I have reached maximum hipsterocity.

*Architecture* *Wood*
Residence on Steigereiland 2.0 by FARO Architects
Today’s lesson I’ve learned about myself: I am really interested in cool looking stairs. [via Cribcandy]

*New York* *Photography*
Inaccessible New York
I want to go to there. And yet I can’t.

Webcomics Roundup
Friday’s Dr. McNinja created maybe the best crossover ever by establishing the origin story for Dinosaur Comics within a totally different webcomic.

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