Other Ten Percent 9/17/10

Sep 17 2010

Well I got some disappointing news today but then I got drunk so it all worked out. Anyway, my only real feedback was that I should put more cat videos and design/architecture posts in here. I hope this selection qualifies.

*Comedy* *New York*
Good Evening, My Name is John Hodgman
Guys, John Hodgman is recording a comedy show for HBO in New York with Spike Jonze WHILE I AM IN TOWN. Also, IT IS FREE. Where doing this man. Where Making this happen. Seriously though, anybody who can get free on tuesday should come to this with me. I’ve already got an extra ticket…if they’ll ever send me my confirmation back.

*Art* *Video Games*
Long Exposure Photos of Video Games
It’s kinda ridiculous how cool some of these look. It sorta makes me wonder why this idea has never occurred to me before. You know, like every other good idea in history.

*Design* Food*
Peeling with Three Variations
I have absolutely no urge to ever go into the design of tools but there’s something so basic about the idea behind it that I find fascinating. Who was the first person to come up with the sword hilt for instance? The douchebags who invented fire and the wheel get all the glory but that guy did one of the most functional bits of design work in human history.

*DIY Tech* *Piracy*
Spime Watch: Makerbot 3D Scanner
So in case you’re bored with the question of what happens when we can print most of the stuff we want, what happens when any physical object you make can be scanned and infinitely reproduced and we’ve got a physical economy that works like our current intellectual property economy? What’s the physical equivalent of DRM?

*Games* *Education*
Quest to Learn: Video-Game-Based School
No but seriously, how fucking weird is education going to look for our grandkids. I mean grandkids may be pushing it to be frank but by then it’s certainly going to be insane and fucked up. Our kids may end up being incredibly dissatisfied by traditional education but stuck with it anyway.

*Cats* *Tech*
Cats and Gadgets
It’s not a video technically but it’s still adorable and hilarious. Confused kitten on a Roomba is my new favorite metaphor for the modern condition.

*Video* *Design*
Season Six of Design Matters
Woah, I didn’t even know about the first five seasons of this. I’m pretty pumped about all this content I have to go through.

*History* *Design*
Lost Worlds Fairs
Okay, I know I’ve said before that there were things that I HAD to post because they were created just for OTP but look at this you guys, seriously. Intricately designed websites that purport to be the graphic designs of fictional worlds fairs lost to time that take place in locations that don’t actually exist. I’m just going to write creative project here really quick because JESUS CHRIST this thing indulges in more of my intellectual fetishes at one time than I can really handle.

*History* * Bureaucracy*
Englishman Who Posted Himself: Biography of a Postal Experimenter
I respect anybody who actually goes ahead and performs useless experiments. Maybe with my free time I’ll actually get around to that this semester.

*Science Fiction* *Graphic Design*
Book Cover Design of the Day
They look like the slickest matchbook covers in history.

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