Other Ten Percent 9/1/10

Sep 01 2010

I had all of these links just sitting here for the last few hours and then suddenly it was late and I realized I had not actually forged them into a blogsletter, which is my failed attempt to form blog and newsletter into one word. Let’s never do that again.

*Science Fiction* *Art*
REMAKE/REMODEL: The Thirteenth Doctor
I would watch this even harder than I already watch Doctor Who.

*Facts* *Products*
Office Supplies of the Day
I like a stamp with HUH in big block letters. Feels like it’d be a great way to grade most papers.

*Psychology* *Games
And You’re Cured
Man the best version of this party game would be to just jump to the most extreme possible conclusion from what they’re saying about the blot.

*Infographics* *Cartoons*
600 Hannah Barbera Characters
I like that they make them all to scale.

*Lists* *History*
Top Ten Lost Technologies
Damascus Steel, in addition to being a pretty good band name, is just super interesting. Wiki it.

*Urban Ruins* *Photography*
The Hurrican Damaged Remains of Six Flags New Orleans
Depressing on so many levels simultaneously it may be a new record.

*Art* *Photography*
Spirit City
Adorable monsters are the best monsters.

*Literature* *Art*
Posters of the Day
So there’s a War of the Worlds one of these if you guys are looking for gifts for me. It’s pretty awesome.

*Video* *Comedy*
Improve Everywhere: Black Tie at the Beach
Okay I assume I actually planned and organized this and then somehow forgot about it because…well I mean because duh.

*Fiction* *Business Cards*
Limited Edition Print of the Day
So many obscure references! And most hilariously of all it’s printed on card stock.

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