Other Ten Percent 8/31/10

Aug 31 2010

My new glasses came! I like them. I feel like there was another topic I was going to do. I am sorry, I have failed you.

*Images* *Japan*
Otaku Gangsta
William Gibson has declared that this is the future in Tumblr form. I cannot really disagree.

*Fashion* *Star Trek*
The Many Faces of Spock
Quick, choose your favorite. I know he’s the first one but Ziggy Stardust Spock is mine.

*Interior Design* *History*
The 1962 Playboy Townhouse
Man the 60’s really were the heyday of the bachelor pad, we’ve just never really matched this aesthetic.

*Accidents* *Video*
11 Foot 8
I want to thank Haim for showing me this, but of course he did.

*Music* *New Media*
Google and Arcade Fire Team for HTML5 Experience
Like the new Arcade Fire album itself, this slowly grows on you.

*History* *Graphic Novels*
Lynd Ward’s Wordless, Depression-Era Woodcut “Novels”
Woah, I did not even know that stuff like this existed.

*Science Fiction* *Art*
A Wormhole Leading Directly to a New York City Street
Man this thing is weird and good times.

*Art* * Paper-craft*
Get Your Own: Paper Portraits by Karl Johnson
So fancy.

*Typography* *Lists*
Top Ten Typefaces of the 2000s.
I have no opinion on this list I just like that it exists.

*History* *Comics*
Hipster Hitler
Okay I will stop doing “hilarious” hipster cartoons now but this utilizes the inherent funnyness of hitler

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