Other Ten Percent 8/30/10

Aug 30 2010

GUYS! I just figured out that the theme for my trip to New York will be “the past.” Considering that Suzan will possibly be having a 20’s party while I’m there that was always sorta the plan but then I realized that the Mad Men finale will be airing while I’m there and that Alex wanted to do a sort of high-school throwback night and I decided that the whole trip’s theme will be a different kind of nostalgia every single night. The Past: If I can’t live in the future I’m certainly not living here.

*Music* *Video*
Groove Armada Music Video of the Day
You kinda gotta wait for it but I promise you it is worth watching a Groove Armada video.

*The End of the World* *Research*
The Apocalypse in film and Fiction
Yay it’s an end of the world round up post.

*Watches* *Design*
Kisai Traffic: Telling the Time With Stylized Animated Traffic Maps
I love Tokyo Flash watches because it’s like you and your watch have a secret code so nobody else can know what time it is. In other news I am kinda a jerk.

*History* *Models*
Visualizing American Air Power With Models
HINT: we have a lot of air power.

*Augmented Reality* *Videos*
This is Epic you Should Watch This of the Day
I sorta have a theory that for all their talk about how it’ll be game changing for everybody, video games are going to end up being the best use of Augmented Reality.

*Design* *Technology*
Theo Kamecke
Ancient looking design objects made out of computer parts.

*Video* *Comedy*
Aaaaaaaand we’re done
In the future, when they’re teaching about the fall of America in history classes, they’re just going to show this video.

*Interior Design* *New York*
UNStudio: Loft in New York
Jesus tap dancing Christ there are still people this rich?

*Comics* *Shakespeare*
Jack Kirby’s Julius Caesar
DID YOU KNOW: That Jack Kirby, co-creator of Spiderman and Marvel Comics most famous artist, once designed costumes for a production of Julius Caesar? Because I didn’t until yesterday and it is AWESOME.

*History* *The Present*
Hipster Dinosaurs
These actually use all my favorite hipster jokes so just read them. Also, in non joke hipster news I think my new glasses are arriving tomorrow!

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