Other Ten Percent 8/27/10

Aug 27 2010

Today was a Netflix day I watched The Brothers Bloom which is really good (working on an algamic con-movie playlist), Duplicity which is really mediocre despite an interesting idea (some day somebody’s actually going to manage the spy movie as metaphor for relationships thing) and Objectified, which may explain the preponderance of design posts today.

*Design* *Music*
Life Altering Earbuds of the Day
Oh my God this is so brilliant I’m really upset my gender will have a much harder time pulling it off.

*Design* *Money*
US Dollar Redesign
I love how logical the first principles they begin with are versus how totally never ever going to happen the final design is.

*Art* *Design*
Daniel Danger
Man the ratio of Cgunit posts I see on reader to the number I post is like staggeringly terrible but every so often something like this comes along so I don’t remove it.

*Urban Planning* *The Internet*
PlanIT Valley
I’m glad that the internet of things is finally making us think that we can do planned utopian communities again. I mean we’ll never succeed and it’s a terrible idea but it’s a FUN terrible idea that usually comes with a lot of great concept art. Utopian communities got us Epcot center so they can’t be all bad.

*Photography* *Skulls*
Skull of the Day
Yo Dawg, I heard you like skulls. So we put a skull in your skull so you can etc etc…

*Green Design* *DIY Tech*
CNCed Greenhouse Watering System
Okay people, new brilliant pun idea of the day. You make a band that creates music only using the sound from industrial devices like laser cutters or 3D printers and you called it “CNC Music Factory.” …I’ll just wait here for my applause.

*Science Fiction* *Events*
Screw Burning Man: This Year’s Greatest Desert Festival is a Three-Day Mad Max Reenactment!
Guys, did you know that Burning Man is EXPENSIVE? I mean I wasn’t exactly planning to go anyway but there are like tickets and shit and that sorta seems to take all the fun out of an event I already couldn’t really conceptualize having very much fun with in the first place. But I’m the kind of person that would rather pretend to live in the post apocalyptic future for three days than do drugs so really who am I to judge?

*Memetic Mutation* *Cruelty*
Cat, Unaware of Video Camera Drops Middle Aged Woman into Trash Can
Viral videos from an alternate universe.

*Video* *Graphic Design*
Minimilast Music Video Posters
Today’s thing I’d buy if I had infinite money.

Webcomics Roundup
Dinosaur Comics is basically the only fiction in the world that makes me feel like I’ve got a lot in common with God. Wait, no Futurama also does that. Well this was strangely psychologically revealing for all of us I hope.

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