Other Ten Percent 8/26/10

Aug 26 2010

Hey guys! How is everything going with you? Because things over here are going OK. …Did you guess that I have nothing to say today really? You must be a genius. Let’s begin.

*Typography* *Video*
Typeface of the Day
Man, in the future when there’s actual e-paper everywhere and so all typefaces are animated, what do you think the animated equivalent of Comic Sans will look like?

*Science Fiction* *Pranks*
This Year’s MIT Prank on Harvard
Kinda high concept but, obviously, I’m a fan.

*Science Fiction* *History*
Star Trek Casting
Quick, who else is thrilled they don’t live in the universe where Wesley Snipes was Geordi?

*Biology* *Video*
Tripod Fish: a Fish that Stands
Could it be that Japan is so weird because so much of it touches the ocean? Because I mean the ocean is basically the weirdest thing ever.

*Cryptozoology* *Graphic Design*
Poster Series of the Day
I think Yeti is my favorite but it’s so hard to decide really.

*Weapons* * Accessories*
Archival Pocket Knives
Maybe it’s just me but something about knives as fashion objects makes me view fashion in just the right way to think about how utterly weird it is.

*Infographics* *The Internet*
Infographics: The History of Google’s Acquisitions
This is cool. Also, who else is excited by today’s announcement that the wizards at Google have figured out a way to turn your privacy into free phone calls? Because OH BOY.

*Projection* *Liquids*
Reactive Cube: A 3D Projector Tank
Want to live in this future.

*Urban Planning* *Photography*
World’s Fastest-Growing Megalopolis Hides in Fog
China weirds me out but not really in a fun way. Just like, jesus christ, are they just trying to do the most vicious parody of 1950’s America they can imagine? Actually if I thought they were intentionally doing that I’d be put at ease sorta. I mean, biting social satire of other countries writ that large is the sorta thing I’d do if I had control of one of the largest nations on earth.

*Storage* *Design*
The Stoaway Bathtub Breaks the Mold
I think more interior design needs to rely on lies.

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