Other Ten Percent 8/25/10

Aug 25 2010

I love that when I have nightmares that I’m screwing up Other Ten Percent it’s always that I’ve screwed up the date. Last night I dreamed that I’d been starting the date with 10 all month. Let’s hope that this semester gives me stuff to do because dear God I’m apparently history’s dullest person.

*History* *Photography*
Photos of NYC Subways in the 1980s
I’ve always kinda wished I could visit 1980’s era New York to see if I’d still like it when it was apparently fucking terrifying.

*Film* *Nature*
Watch Hayao Miyazaki’s Early Post Apocalyptic Film Nausicaa Online
This movie’s really good by the way. And also free. FUN FACT: The crazy cult that released nerve gas into the tokyo subway back in the 90’s said they did it based on this movie. Which just goes to show that Charles Manson isn’t the only person that can completely miss the point of great art.

*Interior Design* *Dictators*
The Interior Design Style of Dictators
This is what happens to your bedroom when nobody can say no to you.

*Design* *Speed*
One Idea a Day
They can’t all be winners, and yet they kinda are all winners.

*Music* *Movies*
Listomania: Three Movie Scenes That Really Could’ve Used Cee-Lo’s New Jam, “Fuck You.”
God this is going to be one of those songs with like 38 great unofficial videos and then a really terrible official one isn’t it?

*Space* *The Future*
Danish Volunteers Build Manned Spacecraft
Okay so if a crowd funded, volunteer effort, organized through the forums of a goddamn comedy website manages to GO INTO FUCKING SPACE faster than private industry I think it’s officially time that we recognized the wiki model as the future. Or, as Warren Ellis put it

*Movies* *Comedy*
The Disease: Fatal. The Treatment: Mockery
Harvard has a yearly tradition of mocking a terrible 70’s romance film. The world continues to be weirdly awesome.

*Subways* *Art*
Urban Intervention of the Day
God this is a brilliant idea. Why did nobody tell me about these sooner?

*Fashion* *Measurement*
Rain Level
This is also a brilliant idea that somebody should have told me about sooner.

Webcomics Roundup
T-Rex provides helpful hints for talking to nerds like me.

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