Other Ten Percent 8/24/10

Aug 24 2010

Man. I sorta woke up and suddenly realized that I am BUSY today. Like I’m doing this at 10am and feel kinda like I should have done it sooner. Anyway, let’s get moving.

*Science Fiction* *Comedy*
Photo of the Day
So I did not previously link the actually funny and well done F**K Me, Ray Bradbury video because, well, I don’t like Ray Bradbury very much. Never really have, and the news that he’s kinda become a crazy Fox News watching doddering old codger in recent years has not helped matters. However, the fact that somebody actually put F**K Me, Ray Bradbury in front of him and photographer the results makes this a keeper. Also, the linked video is not safe for work but the picture is.

*Architecture* *Tubes*
Hives and Valves, Filters and Membranes
It is a BLDGblog post with pretty pictures.

*Science Fiction* *Props*
Even Better Fallout 3 Replica Weapons
Post-apocalyptic weapons are the new steampunk weapons.

*Movies* *Comedy*
Jump Starting the Ghost Shark
Much like I declared when the Michael Cera backlash was allowed to start and nobody listened to me I’m now declaring that the backlash against campy monster movie parody films can’t start until after Ghost Shark. Ghost Shark people. GHOST. SHARK.

*Architecture* *Travel*
New Orleans: Balconies, Graveyards, Pirates, Gators, Swamps, Nicolas Cage, & Boobs
So remember when I used to post Scouting NY stuff on here all the time? They’ve been on a roap trip and it’s been kinda boring. This post has pretty pictures though.

*Comedy* *Video*
Ted Leo And The Pharmacists – “Bottled In Cork”
I’m kinda meh on the song but the video is funny and because of a previous lawsuit I am required to post anything John Hodgman does on here.

*Videos* *Infographics*
The Beauty of Data Visualization
Hey, a TED Talk!

*Augmented Reality* *Architecture*
Augmented Metropolis
A Scouting NY post, a TED Talk, even an Augmented Reality entry! It’s old school OTP day up in here. Anyway this one is theoretical AR which means the production values are actually high and it’s all neat. Also I love that all the design theory projects about AR are tremendously cynical. We’re cynical about technologies we haven’t even successfully developed yet.

*Animals* *Comedy*
On Ducks
Prepare to have your mind rocked.

Webcomics Roundup
Gunshow explores the origins of nerds.

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