Other Ten Percent 8/23/10

Aug 23 2010

It is technically the first day of the semester today. I plan on celebrating by hopefully knowing what the hell I’ll be doing for the first day of the semester by the time this posts. Anyway let’s do some linking of things from the internet.

*Infographics* *Science Fiction*
All the Time Traveling from Doctor Who in One Handy Chart
Technically it’s impossible to have a continuity error in a time traveling show but boy does Dr. Who ever try.

*Language* *Video*
Lights Out of the Day
I love that this is in the style of a sort of bizarre primer on language as viewed by some alien race only vaguely familiar with us. Of course if an actual alien ever got a hold of this thing it would be SO CONFUSED.

*Music* *Cartography*
The Rap Map
Most of these outside of New York are actually kinda frustratingly vague. The Folsom Street Fair is not actually referenced by Ludacris crowdsourced internet map. INCORRECT.

*Infographics* *Blood*
Facts about Blood
In Japan blood types are assigned personality traits. In America I will believe basically anything you tell me about Japan at this point.

*Revenge* *Fiction*
Revenge of the TV Writers
Do not piss off TV writers because they can put names on things and they are, apparently, petty petty people.

*Typography* *Cursing*
I don’t know why on earth they feel the need to make an “official video” after this. It’s a new Cee-Lo song with an awesome text based video. If “viral” actually is a thing online then this qualifies. Anyway, just in case you didn’t guess this is probably NSFW but it’s still awesome.

*Architecture* *Books*
The Two Story Climb Inside Bookshelf Tower
There are like 3 houses in the US where this is a viable plan but it is AWESOME.

*Cities* *Pixels*
I have a theory that pixel art cityscapes will come in handy in all of your lives a surprisingly large amount of the time. If it comes in handy once for one of you I will consider this theory confirmed.

*Art* *Space*
Totally Awesome Space Colonies
The title pretty much says it all.

Webcomics Roundup
T-Rex accidentally discovers a great way to ask somebody out.

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