Other Ten Percent 8/20/10

Aug 20 2010

It was like 7pm when I remembered that it was only Thursday and I needed to do another one of these. Then I was like OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

*The Future* *The Past*
Facetime 1910 AD
I feel like I’d be way more psyched about the new iphones videophone thing if we all had to dress up like Amelia Earhart to use it.

*Video Games* *Paper*
Papier Mache Bowser
I think it’s sorta adorable how sad and second tier this bowser looks.

*Film* *Interviews*
Francois Truffaut’s Last Interview
Man, I didn’t think I’d be linking this either. But here we are.

*Fungus* *Lighting*
Exactly Perfect Little Glowing Mushroom Lamps
I wish we lived in a world with lamps that were actually super phosphorescent mushrooms. This is as close as I will come to living that dream however.

*Order* *Photography*
Things Organized Neatly
Staving off entropy is FUN!

*Games* *Design*
Designer Ping Pong: Table Tennis with Style
God this is the best party idea ever. How did I never think of ping-pong and dressing up before?

*Bubbles* *Video*
Giant Bubbles on the Beach

*The Past* *Stamps*
Beautiful Postage Stamps from the “Mad Men” Era Celebrate Spaceships and Progress
Most exciting tag combination ever? I think so. Anyway, these stamps are awesome. I swear.

*Video Games* *Civic Duty*
Repurposing Voting Machines as Mac-Man Games
And the Cory Doctorow short story pretty much writes itself.

Webcomics Roundup
We’re back to nice, normal Dinosaur Comics like this one where T-Rex tries to come up with the word for fetishizing statues.

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