Other Ten Percent 8/19/10

Aug 19 2010

So I totally forgot to mention yesterday that I’m coming to New York. I’m going to be in town from September the 26th to October 3rd. So begin planing elaborate parties and preparing trinkets for my amusement. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you all endlessly. Now for links.

*Comedy* *Video*
Doctors With Guns
Oh thank God, somebody else made Action Doctor into a comedy skit so I don’t have to.

*Weapons* *Fabrics*
Needle Felted Explosives
Man, somebody help me brainstorm the most hilarious situation to replace actual explosives with this stuff. I mean obviously the funniest would be a terrorist attack but that has logistical problems.

*Food* *Science*
Science Cookie Cutter
Man if you want your children to be brainy then get them fat off of science cookies. They will basically have no other options at school.

*Science Fiction* *Letter*
Dear 8 Year Old Teresa
Listen I know it’s nerdy to like him, but can we all just privately, here on the internet where nobody will ever know, admit that Wil Wheton’s pretty awesome?

*Art* *Comedy*
Handgun Pops
It’s bad firearm safety comedy day here at Other Ten Percent. Join us next week where I’ll probably have three entries in one day about laughing at children with developmental disorders or something. Christ, what is wrong with me?

*Politics* *Comedy*
Sign Hack of the Day
No Dammit, you are throwing away a golden opurtunity here. Biggie RUNS FOR MAYOR, with the slogan “the rap slayer, the hooker layer.” God, I have to do everything myself around here.

*Comedy* *Video*
Love The Way You Lie, The Gay Hobbit Remix
You know, now that even I’m getting pretty sick of mashups I think that slash fiction youtube videos will be my new way to enjoy terrible but catchy music.

*Infographics* *The Male Gaze*
The Changing Fashion of Urban Fantasy Heroines
Okay I have to second io9 here, hats off to the intern that did the statistical analysis of terrible urban fantasy cover art. I hope your psyche was not shattered.

*Cartography* *History*
Drop Me Off in Harlem
As you see from the map you just take a left and go up two blocks to get to the casual racism, have a nice evening.

*Comics* *Travel*
Should this technically count as webcomics roundup? Man, I dunno. I just wish I had a delete neighbor button on most flights.

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