Other Ten Percent 8/18/10

Aug 18 2010

And as I continue to watch Deadwood I have a question for all of you. Does Powers Booth have the best name on Earth or WHAT? Because every time I read it I’m like, “shit, I wish I was named Powers Booth.”

*Governance* *The Internet*
Open 311 Apps
So I can never quite figure out if efforts to govern using some sort of distributed method will ever come to anything but I find the early efforts fascinating. It’s like seeing somebody try and come up with capitalism in fits and starts.

*Video Games* *The Internet*
Destroy the Web
If I install this I would literally never accomplish anything as long as I lived.

*Bikes* *The Internet*
The Social Bicycle System
It’s like zipcars for bikes which kinda seems superior to zipcars in every way.

*Architecture* *The Future*
Architecture Fiction: Australian Institute of Landscape Architects
Man, I’m not entirely certain that the political results of throwing flooded nations into floating structures will be as advertised, but it’s certainly an entertainingly batshit future that’s for sure.

*The Internet* *Icons*
I’ve found icons fascinating since I was really young. I think it’s because it’s like the minimal amount of something that can be considered graphic design.

*The Internet* *Journalism*
Is the Web Really Dead?
God this is some delightfully retarded logic here. I think my favorite bit is where they reference their LAST moronic death of the web story from 13 years ago that they got roundly mocked for and try and act all smug about how prescient they were. Either that or the bit where Google is the hero of the open internet. Whoops, looks like that publishing delay came back to bite you. And yet, hiding within all the moronic sensationalism of the story there’s the shadow of an actually interesting story here. Declaring that the web is dead because we’ve defined webapps as NOT the web anymore is moronic but the fact that people are moving toward so many niche web apps is kinda interesting.

*Space* *Video*
This is just here because it’s pretty.

*Infographics* *Geography*
World Population Maps by Latitude and Longitude
Fascinating stuff, they say you can see Guns Germs and Steel but I say you can see why we stick to the Mercator Projection.

*Graphic Design* *Time*
Every Time Zone
I should just keep this open in a tab considering how much I’m staying in the eastern standard tribe.

*Electronics* *Photos*
Vintage Radio Roundup
I may not buy any of these but I sure like looking at them.

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