Other Ten Percent 8/4/10

Aug 04 2010

I always forget I’ve got to knock these out early on Tuesdays because of TV club. So let’s GO GO GO.

*Junk* *Art*
Plastic Sculptures by Robert Bradford
Let’s just ease in with something that looks cool.

*Japan* *Corporate Art*
99 Cute Trademarked Characters from Japan
Japan is even weirder in bulk.

*Robots* *Film*
Robot Pioneers: A Documentary
When I was little I wanted to be a roboticist after I gave up on being a rocket scientist. I was a weird kid.

*Animals* *Machines*
Cats Try and Figure Out Treadmill
Guys, cats and treadmills are objectively the funniest mashup on the internet. FUN. FACT.

*Robots* *Art*
San Francisco: Machinations Art Show, With Pesco Moderating Panel Tuesday
Well we’ll miss the panel but this still looks cool.

*Art* *Food*
They Draw and Cook
Illustrated cook books deserve to make a comeback. Stupid photographs think they’re so cool.

*Tools* *Design*
5 Favorite Bottle Openers
Please enjoy these photographs of bottle openers.

*Language* *Tutorials*
How Swearing Works
The level of detail here is what makes it comedy gold.

*Mad Architecture* *Retro-Futurism*
The Whimsical Inner City Airports that Never Came to Pass
I would take basically any of these ideas over JFK…the airport, not the president.

*Books* *Urban Planning*
Popville: Popup Book Cleverly and Delightfully Illustrates the Growth of a Town
The sequel about modern day Detroit is really depressing.

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