Other Ten Percent 7/30/10

Jul 30 2010

Did I even mention to you guys that I ran into the dude that made those 3D elevation maps of the crime rates in San Francisco at a party because it turns out he’s married to a friend of my roommate and he’s trying to print them up on a 3D printer and sell them as fridge magnets? All of that is true. Also I got a haircut today so if you are imagining me with my hair slightly too long and it being kinda poofed out on the sides like it does when I need a haircut IMAGINE ME WITH SHORTER HAIR. When next we speak it will be August so let’s see what the internet has to close out this month.

*Video* *Weather*
Slow Motion Video of a Multiple Tower Upward Lightning Flash on 6/16/10
Slow motion lightning is even cooler than regular lightning. Also I do not want to be the guy standing on the spot in this video that gets hit by lightning something like 16 times.

*Video* *Comedy*
Between Two Ferns with Steve Carell
If you were slowly getting tired of the schtick in Between Two Ferns then REJOICE because they switch it up a little bit on this one.

*History* *Teeth*
Churchill’s Dentures Snapped up at Auction
Can “Churchill’s Dentures!” be my new exclamation of surprise, because I think it works really well as one.

*Animals* *Drugs*
DIY Kitty Crack: Ultra Potent Catnip Extract
It’s such a shame that the sentencing for this is so much harsher than for regular catnip. Especially since it seems like that’s just because tabbies disproportionately get arrested for regular catnip.

*The Punk Suffix* *Science Fiction*
The Tenets of Dieselpunk Culture
So this is…whatever, but it gives me a chance to talk about Dieselpunk and how I’m not really sure how it’s going to go down. Because as you might be able to tell from this people get really into this stuff. So my curiosity is how is the transition from Steampunk to Dieselpunk going to go down. Is it going to be a kinda smooth progression or are the Steampunks going to be like speculative luddites about the whole thing? I know that kinda reads like a joke but I am totally serious. Also this is a really terrible view on Dieselpunk because it seems obsessed with the 40s and not the 20’s and 30’s and is way way to into the cultural stuff rather than the aesthetic which is what Dieselpunk will live or die by. HINT: If you’re reviving that time period you’d might as well revive modernism along with it and stop with the weird victorian/leather obsession, that’s more Steampunk’s wheelhouse anyway. Also, WORDS WORDS WORDS.

*Fashion* *Technology*
3D Printed Clothing
You know if I were to have guessed as a kid which technologies from Star Trek we were going to get in which order it really would not have gone tricorder—->datapad—->replicator—>still no viable shuttlecraft.

*Business* *Toys*
Apt Business Card of the Day
Someday I will have a functional business card.

*Death* *Statistics*
Tokyo’s Oldest Man Actually Dead for 30 Years
Could it be that the Japanese do not actually have a longer average life-span, but they just don’t notice when people die for a few extra years?

*Video Games* *Academic Reading*
While this SHOULD be the name of the best arcade ever it is in fact a theory about the gameification of everyday life. Read it!

Webcomics Roundup
Kate Beaton proves that she would be the best writer at Marvel if they only let her do a comic for them. OH WAIT.

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