Other Ten Percent 7/29/10

Jul 29 2010

I was a lazy bum today. I am not proud of myself. Not proud at all. Here is the internet.

*Science* *DIY Tech*
The State of DIY Biology
DIY Biology strikes me as either the end of mankind or the key to a super cool science fictional future. Actually either way it’s pretty science fictional so I’m kinda cool with the end of mankind part too I guess.

*Video* *Japan*
Tokyo Timelapse Video

*Video Games* *Reading*
Nerdy Bookmark of the Day
This Final Fantasy joke is for URBAN OUTFITTERS? Man, maybe the rise of the nerds thing has gone a bit too far.

*Clocks* *Internationalism*
Clock Shows World Time as a Spiraling Line Graph
Yay for crazy clocks! Especially ones that help remind me what time it is in New York.

*Music* *Mashups*
A Gift for White People: Lil Wayne’s ‘(500) Days Of Summer’ Mixtape
Finally a mashup that is unabashedly making music acceptable for white people. I have no idea if it’s any good or not since being a lazy bum today did not include listening to it yet. But (500) Days of Weezy is such a good title I choose to include it anyway.

*Tools* *Parkour*
Parkour with Ladders
I can’t quite decide if this defeats the purpose or not.

*Lies* *Cartography*
Hey, it’s one of those big BoingBoing showpiece articles. And it’s about a topic I actually want to read about.

*Movies* *Music*
Inception Music Comparison
I know that not everything really matches up logically in Inception but tons of stuff DOES, like this.

*Clothing* *Video Games*
T-Shirt Design Concept of the Day
Pac-Man jokes always work on me.

Webcomics Roundup
Over in Dinosaur Comics T-Rex does not yet have a full mastery of the horror genre.

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