Other Ten Percent 1/13/14

Jan 13 2015

Hey guys. I kinda keep waiting for the groundswell of support that will FORCE ME to come back to doing daily updates to OTP but I also get why there, you know, isn’t one. Over the course of 4 years of really regular updates I probably wrote somewhere around a million words for OTP which puts actually keeping up with the blog the equivalent of reading Infinite Jest AND Atlas Shrugged with about that same level of ideological coherence.

Point is you guys probably fell behind on this project that was originally designed to save you time. That makes sense. You have busy lives. I do miss when it was about saving people time though so for a while at least I’m just going to do OTP posts that remind me of that original goal. Or not. Who the hell knows with me and this blog anymore. Point is what I want to do today at least is stuff that’ll help you out if you want to get caught up on a topic fast.

Perhaps, for instance, you’re interested in comics as a medium but have no idea where to get started. My suggestion would be NOT SUPERHEROES. I want to be Batman as much as the next nerd but depending on the author superhero comics can be a real crapshoot and even the best of them are often just kinda sad power fantasies. So instead I would suggest independent comics mostly by Image. And hey what do you know for the next week they’re running a Humble Bundle of their stuff where 18 bucks gets you EVERY COMIC IN EFFING EXISTENCE.

Okay, not really but seriously there’s so much stuff here. Pretty much every comic I’ve advocated for to anybody in the last two years or so is on here so you can just buy it and won’t have to deal with me telling you to read comics for at least another year or two. If you know me you know that’s already an INCREDIBLE deal but lets look at some specifics.

You get The Wicked + The Divine. A comic so good I actually wrote an OTP post about it last year after I quit OTP. A comic so good it basically predicted the following year of pop music. A comic so good you literally cannot make me shut up about it and believe me Jane has tried really really hard.

You get a sampler issue of East of West, Jonathan Hickman’s alternate history biblical apocalypse sci-fi western, which, don’t you want to see how that works?

You get 18 issues of Saga by Brian K. Vaughn which is insane and lovely and his return to comics after going off to write Lost and shit.

You get 54 issues of The Walking Dead which is enough for you to smugly explain the differences between the comic and the TV show to friends at parties.

You get two separate Matt Fraction series and a bunch of stuff I haven’t even read yet but I’ve heard great things about like God Hates Astronauts. Who doesn’t want to read something called God Hates Astronauts?

Also some of what you pay even goes to charity so you get to feel good about yourself for doing it. So, you know, go do it. Because they’re only offering it for another week.

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  1. Can one woman be a groundswell?

  2. Hello David,

    First let me say that I apologize for resorting to leaving you a message here but I couldn’t find another way to reach you.

    You once wrote:

    “If location based games are going to have a breakout hit (outside of check-in games), they’re going to need to stop using the real world as a setting, and start making it a vital part of game play. While Foursquare isn’t much of a game, it does at least make going places a vital part of the Foursquare experience. I just hope a game designer can come up with a more engaging reason for me to leave my house than to become mayor of my favorite sushi restaurant.”

    Well, here’s a link to the first game that does exactly that,


    I saw that you faked an alien invasion for your Masters. It made me think back to 2000 and the Y2K scare. I was at a huge Millennium party near Chico, CA where I pulled off my own Orson Welles version with a 12 minute tape of a fake Emergency Broadcast I had made two days before in Seattle. With the help of my grandmother as Secretary Madeline Albright, I depicting world wide outages and the chaos that was unfolding. I disguised my voice as different correspondents describing 3 feet of sewage throughout Central Park, NY, an explosion that took out the capitol building in Tennessee, followed by my grandmother explaining how Pakistan accidentally launched 7 nuclear warheads with one of them headed near Oroville, CA.

    I was helped by the fact that shortly before I started the tape, the neighborhood where we were having the party was already under a blackout with no power to the 5 surrounding homes.

    As the tape continued, six of the guests actually packed into an SUV and headed for the Shasta Mountains, an hour and a half away. They woke up the next morning expecting a whole new world.

    They left before I gave up the joke at the end of the tape. As the final correspondent, I was reporting from a bomb shelter near Oroville, where I mentioned my concern as it was a two-story, wood structure, built above ground. I went on to say that the owner assured me he had a year’s supply of food, water, and porn and that he had 18 beds available for refugees. He did add, however, that people should be prepared to have a talent segment prepared as he was letting people in depending on how he felt about their performance.

    Anyway, sorry again about the non-related post here. I’m guessing you can just delete it but please check out the link for my iSPY app. I think you’ll like it.


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