Other Ten Percent 4/1/10

Apr 01 2010

Oh man April Fools, my favorite holiday! APRIL FOOLS, I actually think April Fools is terrible outside of like two jokes every year. See it’s clever because I lied to you. Anyway here AREN’T links. HAHA, hilarious again!

*Movies* *Computers*
Tron Remixed Trailer and Titles
So the remixed titles are kinda boring but the remixed trailer makes Tron look WAY more interesting than it actually is.

*Architecture* *Value*
Seattle Modernist Home for Sale – $1
You have to pay to move the whole thing to a new plot though. Oh man, if I were an eccentric millionaire I would do this so hard though.

*Alcohol* *Buckminster Fuller*
Umbrella Buckyball Bar
I love the world.

*Mashups* *Rap*
The Notorious XX
Does what it says on the can. Biggie and the XX. This thing makes me so happy.

*Maps* *Crafts*
New World Order
A BLDGBlog post with pretty pictures so you don’t have to wonder what the hell he’s talking about.

*Architecture* *History*
Scouting an Abandoned Hotel in Southern California
Scouting NY is officially my new favorite blog. This gallery is IN-CREDIBLE.

*Synesthesia* *Time*
Time Lords Discovered in California
No, they are not talking about me and yes that does make me really sad. Apparently some people with synesthesia experience time geographically and if you don’t think that’s weird already just listen to them trying to describe it.

*Cartoons* *Comedy*
Recaptioning New Yorker cartoons with “Christ, What an Asshole!”
This was always one of my favorite games. It often even works for the non cartoon illustrations. For instance it actually works pretty well with Katherine’s illustration of the end of Tosca.

*Comics* *Asia*
Tibetan Artist Turns Hulk and Spider-Man into Himalayan Heroes
I have nothing to add to this really.

Webcomics Roundup
Penny Arcade requires you to know that GameCrush exists and then it’s really hilarious.

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