Other Ten Percent 7/1/14

Jun 30 2014

Hey guys. Today was sure a fucking bummer wasn’t it? I mean community’s coming back and yay I guess but like the morning was just a huge bummer and the day never really recovered. Follow me to the next paragraph where I have a very small amount of something resembling content.

I saw Robyn live last night. She was pretty great. She debuted some new songs and she’s doing like a lesbian-jawline Madonna thing that’s working predictably well for her. Getting to and leaving the hollywood bowl is probably what hell is like though.

I still have a whole Wicked + The Divine thing to write up but honestly I’m just not feeling ranting for 800 words to you guys about a comic that maybe three of you have read today.

I think I’ll have more to say tomorrow. I’m going to watch some TV tonight and probably finally get around to starting Penny Dreadful tomorrow. For now though I’ve just kinda got a big ol jumble of nothing but being bummed out by the SCOTUS rulings. Here’s a guacamole recipe I want to try but the Trader Joes across the street didn’t have all the ingredients. That’s pretty much my most life affirming interaction with the internet today you guys. Sorry I’m a huge bummer.

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