Other Ten Percent 6/27/14

Jun 27 2014

Hello everybody! It is Friday! What are you going to do with your weekend? I am going to go see Robyn, and Royksopp, and, apparently, lasers at the Hollywood Bowl. Does my weekend win? I think probably it does. Hey, let’s say other things about music.

So Grimes puts out a new song yesterday that she self described as a summer jam. Jane’s immediate reaction was to just declare it this year’s official summer jam but I kinda couldn’t do that. Not because I don’t love the song. I do and I objectively think it’s better than the Icona Pop single which itself was just a desperation more to avoid the summer of Iggy Azalea. It’s just that this is, like Do It Again by Robyn and Royksopp, a jam to one hell of a weird conception of summer. Nikki called them “nuclear winter summer jams” last night which seems to fit pretty well.

I’ll tell you what this single DID do though. It convinced me this will be the album where I REALLY like Grimes instead of just finding her intellectually interesting.

First off, Grimes went New Aesthetic Taylor Swift which is a thing I didn’t even know I wanted until it existed in the world and now I can’t believe I never thought of it as the solution to both the New Aesthetic and to Taylor Swift. She describes the look as “an anime elf assassin who is a big fan of dolly parton and patsy cline” which, God bless you Grimes, but there’s actually a kind of quotidian reality to how bizarre the whole thing is. It looks like she’s building CV Dazzle camouflage on a budget after the collapse of capitalism which is like 70% what she’s actually doing so hooray.

This is also the single she tried to give to Rihanna and Rihanna was like “who the fuck are you? And, also, no.” but there’s still a lot of Rihanna DNA in here. It builds like a Rihanna single and has a very Rihanna relationship with the concept of longing. It’s also not hard to figure out why that didn’t happen though. Even putting aside how Grimes-y Grimes has made her version the whole thing is a single from the album Rihanna refuses to make. The one where she acknowledges the existence of regret and has a lot of really uncomfortable conversations about her love life.

Also, try making a mixtape for that album. It’s a fun project.

Anyway, the whole thing is Grimes being aggressively pop and kind of quietly, unassumingly weird which is a formulation I just generally enjoy more than aggressively weird and quietly pop which she was doing on her last album. Among other things I think it implies more weirdness. It also just makes her easier to hand somebody without the primer which is a thing I’m big into this week. (Read Wicked + The Divine, available from Comixology and as a DRM free download directly from image comics. Or find it at your local comics shop where next month’s cover could look like this, and, come on, how bad-ass is that?)

I was going to go into a bigger thing about the comic in that parenthetical not-really-aside and its relationship with music but I think I’ll save it for Monday.

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