Other Ten Percent 6/26/14

Jun 26 2014

Welp, yesterday I experimented with waiting until after I’ve done everything else to write Other Ten Percent and then at the end of the day I totally forgot to write Other Ten Percent so, experiment result: that was a bad experiment. Don’t do that. Anyway here’s the thursday post still relatively early in the day.

Man I really wish I had a bunch of topics just burning a hole in my pocket but it kinda seems like a slow news week right? Have you guys stopped reading like..the actual news? Not like I never open up the New York Times or any news source at all but like…stopped ACTIVELY trying to figure out the news each day? I kinda feel like Twitter just makes me ambiently aware of everything that’s important enough for anybody to care about but I’m not quite sure how widespread that is or if it’s leaving some huge blind spot in my life or something.

I mean right now it’s not. If I were to guess what was going on in the world right now I’d say “The World Cup and a couple of Supreme Court rulings” and hey that’s exactly what’s on the homepages of CNN and the New York Times right now so I’m not totally out of the loop. I guess I just worry that behind those headlines there’s stuff I’m not getting?

The boring formulation of this is obviously that we’re just not paying attention to the long tail of the story. That we’re not going to care enough about the Supreme Court three days from now because Twitter’s killing our attention span but I’m not sure I totally buy that. Or at least I’m not sure I buy that my attention span would be super great if I was reading news in the traditional manner.

By the way, fuck the College Humor video where the guy just lectures you for three minutes about how you won’t sit through his boring ass speech for three minutes. I’ve seen it linked like 40 places today and it’s such a lazy fucking excuse for your failures in life cloaked in some absurd rhetoric about internet culture.

Every generation becomes insufferable when they start pretending like they’re some special class that’s the end of history and apparently the millennial formulation on that is going to be that our brains are fundamentally altered because the internet, which would be fine except it’s always some excuse for why we’re half-assing shit. Like somehow we’d all just be killing it all the time if there just weren’t status updates. If you can’t concentrate as much as you want it isn’t because you used Twitter too much. If you’re using twitter too much that’s BECAUSE you’re not concentrating.

Stop scapegoating social media for the fact you didn’t achieve your life goals yet. We’re not the first generation to find buckling down and doing shit hard. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t do that to us. Buckling down and doing shit just inherently IS hard. You think people in 1780 couldn’t find shit to do when they wanted to slack off? Also I know I didn’t link to this thing. I’m not going to. Don’t spend three minutes of your time watching some smug dickhole tell you how you use the internet too much. THAT’S how you’re wasting your life.

On the original topic I guess part of me just thinks there’s an “if you’re bored then you’re boring” aspect at work here. When nothing’s particularly grabbing me I always wonder if that’s my problem? I dunno. I’ve spent enough time on this though and need to go be productive in ways that are invisible to OTP.

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