Other Ten Percent 7/28/10

Jul 28 2010

I just hit my head trying to put shit up after doing dishes so I’m in a GREAT mood right now. Let’s get to the links.

*The Internet* *Apocalypse*
Not-So-Secret Seven Hold Keys to the Internet
Man, yet another disaster movie plot better than 2012.

*Science* *Apocalypse*
What if the Earth Stopped Spinning
Hint: it would be bad. But also kinda awesome since it involves the creation of a new supercontinent.

*Children* *Sports*
Little Kid Hockey Players Fight Just Like Adults
I really wish the kid at the end would yell “I learned it from you mother. I LEARNED IT FROM YOU.” Close enough.

*Tools* *Industry*
Idea to Prototype to Tool: How a Leatherman Comes to be
I enjoyed this more than I really have any right too considering how bad I am with tools.

*Television* *Memes*
Adventure Time’s Double Rainbow
New best double rainbow joke from the best show on Cartoon Network.

*Animation* *Museums*
A Visit to Spirited Away Creator’s Museum in Japan
Did I already tell you guys that there’s a Miyazaki museum in Japan? Because I feel like when I learned about it a few weeks ago I FLIPPED OUT. Anyway they don’t actually allow pictures inside so this account is super useful to me.

*Videos* *Dancing*
Moonwalk Videobomb
Ground floor on a new meme people. We are making this happen.

*Comics* *Video*
The Batman Dreams of Hieronymous Machines
Have I mentioned recently that I love Matt Fraction? Because I love Matt Fraction. So much so that I don’t even care that this video goes annoyingly out of sync after a bit.

*Print* *Lists*
The Best Magazine Articles
This is my weekly time-saving item that will actually eat up all your free time if you let it.

Webcomics Roundup
as promised. Axe Cop — Dr. McNinja. They Are On A Team.

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