Other Ten Percent 6/25/14

Jun 25 2014

Well we’ve finally hit the day where I don’t actually have any topic stored up to be discussing and didn’t really come up with one during the day. Goodbye. Wait, shit, I still have to write something don’t I? Oh hey wait I think I just figured out something. What is it? You’ll have to follow me after the cut that you don’t see in the e-mail so…you’ll have to follow me to the next paragraph.

So I’m writing a thing right now where the main character is basically Cory Doctorow if he ended up actually running all the systems that he hates. That summary is cheating in a lot of ways but it explains why one of the things I did today was read Boing Boing for the first time in like…years.

I see they’re doing the news magazine Blog format now with the tiles of varying size and the large images and such. Two columns is a good look for them. The blog end of things seems as insufferable as ever. My first three articles right now are basically “did you know TV is stupid and TV executives are stupid. Here’s a wikipedia page I found” a random note about the EFF and a list of what was on the blog in the past so…I think everybody just got Boing Boing bingo right off the bat.

The features on the other hand are actually impressing me. They feature what I would call “actual fucking content.” Which used to be what I called “Maggie Koerth Baker posts” but seems to be pretty much everybody these days. Cory’s got probably the best explainer I’ve seen so far on the new econ book by the dirty dirty european commie who thinks maybe rich people are too rich. There’s a how to on building your own drone. Somebody seems to be on the mysterious disappearances beat.

Actually the more I look at this thing the more fascinating I find it. I love how the features column is larger than the blog end of things which is a kind of awkward design decision but gives the whole site the feeling that the new format is pushing the old one off the page visually and not just metaphorically. It’s still not something I feel a pressing need to add to my RSS reader. They’ve got two steampunk stories on the front page in the year of our lord 2014 for instance. But it’s strange to see what it has and hasn’t taken from the Gawkers and Awls and other more ascendant blogging networks.

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