Other Ten Percent 6/24/14

Jun 24 2014

I dreamt that Kieron Gillen read yesterday’s post and got really angry about all the backhanded compliments and left a comment saying as much. Thankfully that didn’t happen so I’m sorry dream version of Kieron Gillen and this has been another edition of “Stupid Dream Theater” which is, apparently, a new recurring segment here at OTP. Anyway, actual content.

I apologize but I just don’t have it in me to do a big elaborate page for this year’s discussion of Summer Jams. As you know I made this whole thing in 2012 and then skipped last year because the page would have just been this-


This year though the competition is more interesting in that there’s actually more than one option. I didn’t actually like any of the options but they’re there. To start with the obvious: no matter what gets anointed as this year’s Summer Jam on music blogs you will hear it about a third as much as you hear either Let It Go or that awful Talk Dirty to Me song. This is a given. But everybody’s gotta have a thing they declare as the Summer Jam anyway. It’s blogging law.

For a while now the Summer of Iggy Azalea has seemed like a sort of grim inevitability. She’s having a cultural moment and even though her songs aren’t particularly summery neither is anybody else’s so what the hell. It seems like the only reason everybody hasn’t already declared a win for her is she sorta split the vote after Fancy by guesting on that Ariana Grande song so everybody was kinda confused which one they were supposed to make their summer jam.

This left room for a couple of dark horse contenders I was really hopeful for. Both Robyn and La Roux have put out enough new music to potentially qualify in the last month but neither of them seems all that interested in making a summer jam. Robyn and Royksopp have continued their insistence that the world needs more Winter Jams and La Roux seems to be going for a like, Noir Pop thing that’s kinda working for her better than almost anything off her first album but isn’t exactly screaming “pool party.”

Then, today, after like the third music blog I read went with Problem and I finally accepted that opening sax solo was just going to be my life for three months, Icona Pop put out a new single.

I’m not sure why I didn’t see it coming. Even if I Love It is the most infectious pop song in history it wasn’t going to manage to be the Summer Jam runner up for THREE summers in a row and they seem like the kind of band that can just go into the studio and record an entire album during a week long bender so some signal of a new album was probably due even though their last album is less than a year old.

It’s not QUITE catchy enough to guarantee it’ll be the undisputed summer jam champion this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just too late to stop the Iggy train from just rolling on into the station really. But it’s certainly what’s going to be on my cookout playlist. When I get around to having a cookout playlist. Which will probably be right before I have a cookout. I should have a cookout.

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